PARX: Lead Import Module

Mass import of addresses without duplicates

Companies that regularly have large numbers of new leads through mass marketing campaigns such as attending trade fairs or buying addresses face the challenge of how to import them into Salesforce and process them efficiently. The PARX Lead Import Module makes it possible to import large volumes of address data into Salesforce without difficulty and to maintain the quality of the data. In this process, duplicates of existing data are identified and the next steps are recorded as tasks and assigned to a member of staff. This paves the way for an efficient follow-up campaign. Assignment to a campaign makes it easy to measure the return-on-investment of the marketing initiative.

Functions of the PARX Lead Import Module:

  • Import of address data into Salesforce by copy-and-paste
  • Import of data in the correct format (e.g. telephone number format, date format) and correct selection from the options list
  • Data checks using validation rules
  • Prevention of duplication of existing leads and contacts by means of customised deduplication rules
  • Automatic assignment to a campaign so that the return-on-investment can be measured
  • Automatic creation of follow-up tasks
  • Assignment to the Lead Owner in accordance with the relevant assignment rules

Import by copy-paste

The PARX Lead Import Module makes it possible to compile address data using an Excel template and to import this into Salesforce by copy-and-paste. The next steps can also be listed in a column in Excel (e.g.: follow-up, call, arrange a visit). These are then imported into Salesforce as tasks.

The Lead Import Module checks the data against existing validation rules and highlights discrepancies, which can be cleansed in the wizard itself.

Avoidance of duplicates

At a second stage, the Lead Import Module identifies duplicates of existing leads and contacts and you can click through these record by record and decide whether the existing version should be retained and updated or the new one imported. The lead or contact is added to the campaign in either case and the tasks are also imported.

Follow-up of leads ensured

The next steps noted in Excel are automatically recorded with the lead as open tasks and assigned to the Contact or Lead Owner according to assignment rules. The Lead Import Module thus ensures that the data quality is maintained despite the mass import and hundreds of new leads can therefore be processed efficiently. The PARX Lead Import Module is a standard product that can be adapted to the needs of your company with just a few days' work. It is suitable for any company that regularly needs to import larger volumes of addresses into Salesforce and then process them efficiently. Would you like to find out how much work would be involved in configuring the Lead Import Module for your company? Get in touch with us.