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We offer services based on the Salesforce platform. From process analysis, via configuration and integration into other ERP systems, to our Managed Services and training, we offer all of the services needed to make your project a success. If you require special functions, we will be happy to develop them for you individually. In doing so, we always focus on your processes and your business objectives.

Our Salesforce Expertise

PARX understands your business model, your strategic and operational objectives and uses Salesforce to help you. Our many years of experience from over 1000 projects for more than 300 customers from all company sizes, both local and international, enables us to familiarise ourselves with your processes quickly to transfer them efficiently to the cloud.

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CRM Cloud

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Customer relationship management is a business strategy that puts the customer in the centre. The aim is to manage relationships with existing and future customers as effectively as possible. CRM therefore combines business processes, staff and technology in order to achieve a single aim: to win customers and keep them satisfied in the long term. It is an integrated strategy that helps you to find out more about your customers and their behaviour so that you can develop stronger long-term customer relationships that are beneficial to both you and your customers. It is very difficult to run a successful company without keeping a close eye on CRM. In the end, everything revolves around the customer.

Successful CRM covers various areas of your company, although sales is naturally the starting point. However, many other departments that have contact with customers are included, such as marketing and customer service. offers a technology-based solution for all these areas and departments, but it also offers much more. With the Salesforce web CRM software, which is designed as a service and is available over the Internet and on the cloud computing platform, you can simultaneously address the needs of your customers and protect your budget – a crucial factor in the current economic situation. Take the first step today and you will discover in 30 days how the most established and most popular on-demand CRM solution in the world can make your day-to-day business easier.

CRM solutions

CRM solutions help you to ensure that sales, marketing and support are all working towards a common objective so that you can take your business success to an entirely new level.

With the CRM solutions of you can rationalise and automate your business processes, provide all staff in your company with a complete overview of your customers, compile better analyses and gain more precise insights into important sales and customer data and keep everyone focused on acquiring new customers while the existing customer base is served to its complete satisfaction.

Customer relationship management solutions for sales & marketing Thanks to web CRM software, you can generate more leads, operate effective marketing through various sales channels, optimise lead management, turn leads into customers, view all account-related information and activities, create a productive working environment for sales experts, analyse your sales chain and work out what is working and what is not. An effective customer relationship management solution helps you when it comes to getting your sales and marketing staff to concentrate entirely on optimising the sales chain and on increasing sales, without having to follow up leads manually.