PARX: GEO Location

Efficient customer visits thanks to Geo Location Integration

Field sales staff usually visit several customers a day. At the moment, you often have to spend time identifying which other companies are in the immediate are. PARX Geo Location Integration makes it possible to do this with just one click – even on the move! The solution is a standard PARX product that can be integrated into your Salesforce solution in no time.

PARX Geo Location Integration automatically determines the geo-location of a customer and saves it to their account. Field sales staff can use Google Maps to show where a customer is located by clicking on the Salesforce account and identify which other customers are in the area. They can restrict the maximum distance to the customer and select individual companies using drag-and-drop. Google Maps immediately calculates the shortest route. This function can be used on mobile end devices and allows field sales staff to search for other local customers even when they are on the move.

Use as a store finder on websites

Another application of Geo Location Integration is as a point-of-sales locator on websites. The geo-location coordinates of the sales locations are created via the PARX integration in Salesforce and shown on a map on the website. We can thus provide a store finder for your website in a cost-effective way.

The PARX Geo Location Integration is a standard product, the basic version of which can be implemented quickly and with little effort for you. Contact your PARX consultant and we will bring you even closer to your customers.