PARX: Support

From the support case to the solution

Even during the configuration and development phase, we put together a support solution for the operational phase that matches your specific configuration. You can choose between standard basic support and an individually configurable service contract. In addition, we offer service packages such as Salesforce Updates & Optimisation, a package for unlimited support, a data quality package, customised staff training and a back-up service for metadata.

Basic support

  • A maximum of two accounts will be set up for the customer on the PARX Customer Portal, through which cases can be opened at any time.
  • These cases are classified as a Bug (guarantee), Change Request (e.g. a configuration change or similar cases) or Support (general queries).
  • Charges for cases
  • Bug: free of charge, as long as a guarantee is actually in place
    Change Request: individually at cost; an estimate is provided in advance
    Support: at cost, in accordance with the agreed daily rate for project work

  • Our average response time is 2 working days during the service period (Monday to Friday, not including public/local holidays, from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.). After the problem is localised and traceable the development of a solution can begin.

Individual services

Of course, PARX offers individual services to cover additional requirements. We categorise the individual services using the following parameters:

  • Degree of seriousness: How seriously an incident affects implementation of the solution.
  • Response time: What is the maximum period that can pass before PARX begins the agreed services.
  • Scope of service / Services: What measures does PARX take at the latest on expiry of the response time.

The following services can be included in an individual service package:

  • Protection of expertise and investment protection.
    Long-term protection of the expertise in the configured application. This ensures that even if there are staff changes (on either the customer's side or at PARX), the knowledge remains in place and adaptations and developments can be completed efficiently.
  • Provision of additional customised communication channels and named contacts.
  • Entry of queries/orders via PARX Customer Portal with additional authorised users for the customer.
  • Extension of the standard guarantee period.

Optional service packages

In addition to the basic package and individual services, PARX offers further optional service packages:

Salesforce Updates & Optimisation

Salesforce provides three new releases a year with new functions and options. Based on these and with the expertise in Salesforce of the customer, PARX can make suggestions that make the previous solution more powerful and efficient.

Unlimited support (help to help yourself)

All of the expenses for support are included in this service and are not charged separately.

Data quality package:

  • Six-monthly check of data quality (customer, contact and lead data) by PARX
  • Recommendations on data cleansing measures with specific tools to increase the data quality

Customised staff training

  • Regular training of e.g. new staff or staff who take on the role of system administrator
  • Training in tips & tricks to facilitate and increase user acceptance.

Purchase of hourly allocations

Above an anticipated minimum quota of support hours required, there is the option to buy more at a discount price.