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Salesforce-Optimisation How to reach your Goals

Time and again we receive questions about Salesforce optimisations and improvements of contacts who feel they are not getting the most out of their investment. After we realized a few projects with this topic, we developed our standard quick, thorough and what we think well working approach to fast help companies improve their output with their Salesforce solutions.

The reasons of disapointment about the CRM systems mentioned to us vary. Obvious signs and complaints are missing user acceptance, no appreciable improvements in the daily work routine and finally missing the set goals for which the CRM system was implemented in the first place. Other companies have well working Salesforce solutions in place but wonder if they are getting the most out of its capabilities. Are the processes set up right? Would other features be better? Can the solution be customized better to the needs of the company? What benefits could Salesforce deliver that are not identified and prepared for?

For all of these issues and questions PARX has developed a focused, efficient and quick process with which we are able to support you in finding a customized and speedy deployable solution for your needs.

Project Salesforce optimisation

The process steps

1) The phases of evaluation

We start off with a deep, but quick and efficient analysis of your company by looking into your business processes and ask for background information to get the necessary bigger picture. The goal is to be able to quickly start with the necessary actions to bring concrete value and improvements asap.

1. Overview

At this point we also look into the past to understand earlier actions

  • Which were the original goals of the project, which expectations were set?
  • What has been implemented and what has led to the current situation?

2. Current situation

What describes the current situation

  • Which are the daily requirements or difficulties?
  • Evaluation of invalid expectations on customer side (based on our experience)

3. Definition of future actions

Together with the customer we define the strategy and next steps

  • What are the relevant goals and how can they be realized?
  • Which goals should be chosen to make sure the full potential of Salesforce for each particular business is used?
  • Where should priorities be set and how high is the investment?

Wir geben Ihnen einen Überblick zu den Leistungen von PARX.

2) Technical Evaluation: Instance assessment

Parallel to the analysis of the business side we also need to conduct a focused technical analysis of your Salesforce instance. We are looking at the design and data model, identifying integrated solutions, assessing the quality of the code and investigating if typical mistakes have been avoided. The results often lead to additional useful conclusions to the business analysis. Often this results into the identification of «Quick-Win»-actions which lead to fast and highly appreciated improvements for the daily business of Salesforce users.

3) Roadmap

After the analysis we create a roadmap for you that defines the journey you need to take to reach your goals. It includes specific tasks and actions you’ll have to take in order to to improve your user experience.

4) Implementation

Such actions might be to

  • Improve Salesforce-knowledge through training of «Key Users» or designating Salesforce-administrators within the company
  • Increase the solutions’ user friendliness and reliability by implementing the suggested actions from the roadmap
  • Increase the number of realizable processes within Salesforce in the company according to the roadmap. Here we focus on features and processes whose maintainability and extensibility guarantee that the solution will be able to support the clients needs and development in the future.

Our experience in Salesforce projects across various industries shows that a quick implementation of the roadmap is the most effective medium term way to make you see and feel improvements with your Salesforce solution fast. This experience not only helps us analyse and understand your needs quickly, it helps us to come up with just those customized suggestions you are looking for.

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