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How you can inspire your retail partners and end customers and succeed in the market

The consumer goods industry has been transformed by e-commerce and social media like almost no other. To succeed nowadays, companies have to constantly adapt to changing conditions, deliver innovative products and provide a superior service throughout the whole customer journey. With the Salesforce product suite, it is possible to cover the product development, marketing, sales, management and customer service processes. This allows you to be more agile and increase customer satisfaction, by being closer to your end customers across all of your departments. Swiss and German consumer packaged goods manufacturers such as Wander and Rapelli, beverage retailers such as Evian and Pernod Ricard, and durable consumer goods suppliers such as DeSede and Occhio all use Salesforce and benefit from the expertise PARX offers.

Digitalized processes with Salesforce along the whole customer journey

Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce

Digitalized processes for the consumer goods industry boost agility and customer proximity

Product development

  • Product assortment: Presentation of the latest product range, recording changes
  • Customer-focused product development thanks to ongoing analysis via A/B tests, online questionnaires and customer feedback from social media
  • Managing the process for informing retailers of necessary changes (tastes, packaging, units of quantity etc.)
  • Product information can be updated and presented at any time, for example in an electronic product catalog, which can also be viewed on mobile devices (descriptions, contents, product images, product documentation, e.g. flyers or directions for use)


  • Annual, quarterly and monthly planning of activities and topics that will be presented by field sales staff on customer visits, incl. structured recording of results within a visit report and evaluation by the marketing team
  • Marketing investments: Real-time comparisons of planned and actual budget are projected across the whole year; marketing projects and budgets per business line; comparison of listing costs
  • Central control and evaluation of digital marketing and multi-channel campaigns
  • Analysis of customer feedback from social media with big data for more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Simple creation of apps for various products aimed at increasing customer loyalty and evaluating this using big data
  • Segmentation of target groups for target group-specific measures (e.g. newsletter)
  • Distribution of newsletters, including click analysis


  • Field sales staff: All customer information is available at a glance on a consolidated basis, including order histories, complaints and open invoices – also on mobile devices – meaning a personalized service can be provided
  • Sales management: More efficient field sales activities thanks to structured visit planning on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis
  • Visit planning and route planning: Criteria-based customer selection (customer attributes, targets, activities, geographical location etc.)
  • Visit reports: Structured recording of topics discussed incl. expenses
  • Store visit reports: Recording of product range on location, placements, facings and listings, use of merchandising items and uploading of photo materials from the points of sale
  • Ordering and management of merchandising items directly in Salesforce
  • Overview of available products, customer-specific prices, latest special offers, discounts and delivery times in real time
  • Error-free and efficient pricing & quotations (CPQ) with a streamlined user experience
  • E-commerce: Display of current product information and availability on the web thanks to e-shop integration
  • Tailor-made applications for mobile devices, such as a mobile, digital product catalog with integrated ordering function, used by field sales staff on an iPad on and offline.


  • Clear, integrated working processes and meaningful forecasts thanks to integration of ERP and other systems
  • Resource planning: Transparent real-time insight into opportunities
  • Easy creation of reports and analyses to measure sales performance, field sales activities and production planning
  • Sales performance: Monthly evaluation of regional and global sales figures per quarter, per shop and compared to competitors
  • POS data: Continually updated sales data to quickly evaluate promotional measures and tap into market potential
  • Order management: Integration of ERP systems (e.g. SAP) facilitates an integrated order process, from input into Salesforce through to release and invoicing in the ERP system
  • Price management: Management of various price books/pricing schemes based on predefined criteria, such as account type, account contract, differentiation etc.
  • Promotional measures: Management of retailer credits for campaigns

Customer service

  • Enable collaboration between sales and service teams, integrate information from the customers social profiles and consolidate information into a single view
  • Customer portal: Simple creation of a platform for accessing and exchanging product information, which can be adjusted on an ongoing basis
  • Field service integration: Providing logistics processes are sourced internally, the field service can also be integrated.

«Salesforce provides us with the right solution to make our processes more agile, efficient and modern step by step. PARX has proven to be an experienced and solution-orientated partner who was always quick to react.»

Joachim Huber, Group CIO of Orior Management

«The new product catalogue has improved the quality of customer advice, as the customer immediately has the information about ingredients and the product illustrations to hand. The number of media discontinuities has also been reduced. Thanks to the new process, we have moved the responsibility for the order from the sales office to the field sales reps. Field sales have also become measurable.»

Martin Bösch, Head of Sales Office at Rapelli SA

«We selected PARX because of its broad and deep expertise in integrating SAP. We also relied on the best practice approaches of PARX with Salesforce in the area of sales process optimisation and support.»

James Zeng, Project Manager at Sunstar

«We have been able to improve the collaboration between Sales and Customer Service significantly with Salesforce. Back office and field sales are now closely linked together. A lot of the manual stages have been replaced with a seamless integration of CRM and ERP systems. We are therefore even closer to our customers than previously.»

Doris Seger, Head of Customer Service at Sunstar Deutschland

Be more agile and closer to your customers with integrated, digitalized processes

Together with you we analyze your core business processes and map them to Salesforce. Data resulting from these processes, providing everyone involved has access to the system, is related to the corresponding customer record which results in transparent, customer-focused processes. Since Salesforce operates in the cloud, data can be accessed anywhere and on any device, which allows you to conduct your processes in an efficient and effective manner. At the same time, management has access to detailed, up-to-date business data for forecasts and important business decisions.

Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from the consumer goods industry.


Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from your industry.

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