Swiss company Stöckli manufactures exclusive, premium sports equipment. It is especially well-known for its downhill skis, which are used by many top athletes on the alpine ski circuit. Stöckli sells its skis, bicycles and sports clothing in its own branches and via partners (sporting goods stores). In addition to interactive on-site campaigns, such as the popular ski test weeks, the Marketing Cloud now provides Stöckli with the option of generating personalized digital communications for both its existing and potential new customers.

Long-term and sustainable customer relationships and the successful acquisition of new customers is key to the success of the premium sports equipment manufacturer. Especially because after buying one of the company’s exclusive products, it is usually a number of years before a customer makes a repeat purchase. To achieve these goals, Stöckli is becoming ever more reliant on digital marketing measures. The company makes use of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud for this purpose. The customer relationship management system allows Stöckli to more specifically identify customer needs and improve its own data analysis. This means it can provide tailored offerings, which are more relevant for the respective target person. As processes are automated, Stöckli can implement a variety of campaigns with just a small marketing team.

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  • Stöckli required a strategy that could address the change in its consumers’ shopping habits (e.g. online research).
  • Its approach for establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships had to be rethought and adjusted.
  • It was necessary to ensure the company could compete against major chains and global markets in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Some processes were yet to be digitalized and were therefore too expensive.


To achieve the highest possible levels of customer retention, customer satisfaction must also be at extremely high levels. Stöckli’s aim is to make good use of all the opportunities presented by the Marketing Cloud so as to provide a positive experience for its customers.

  • Use of automatic summaries and analysis of all data in a single system
  • 1:1 communication thanks to customizable customer journeys
  • Digitalization of marketing processes


  • Implementation of personalized customer communication though the introduction of customer journeys and personalized e-mails
  • Implementation of new campaigns, such as NPS recommendations, onboarding, cross-selling and reactivation
  • Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein
  • «Support for enablement»


  • Stöckli holds ski test weeks for its customers. So that it can contact potential customers following the events, a journey was set up for participants. The Marketing Cloud is used to send out e-mails with individualized content (e.g. information on the skis tested and links to product websites). The data captured in the Sales Cloud are sent out via Marketing Cloud Connect to the corresponding target groups. This process takes into account certain time parameters, meaning the target person only receives information on the skis they have most recently tested.
  • Stöckli makes good use of the detailed analysis possibilities offered by the Marketing Cloud to set up personalized campaigns. For example, Net Promoter Score (NPS) campaigns were set up to judge customer satisfaction, as were so-called onboarding campaigns for new customers as well as cross-selling campaigns designed to make customers aware of other products offered by the company.
  • Before contacting PARX, Stöckli had already implemented Einstein, the Salesforce tool for predictive content and product recommendations. After major changes were made to its website, this function had to be set up again. PARX provided advice and supported Stöckli during the reimplementation. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein solution can therefore once again be used for more precise customer segmentation and targeting.
  • A good customer journey can only be successful if it is possible to precisely target customer groups. PARX helped Stöckli tackle the challenge of replicating these requirements in the Marketing Cloud. To do so, PARX provided advice on the data model in the Marketing Cloud and implemented this in close coordination with the customer. The important thing was to teach the customer how new data can be fed into this model. Armed with this knowledge, Stöckli will be able to perform these steps in future without the need for any outside assistance.


Thanks to the analyses of customer data — made possible by the Marketing Cloud — as well as the automation and personalization of communication, Stöckli is able to provide an outstanding customer experience in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes a key contribution towards Stöckli’s ability to maintain its customers’ long-term brand loyalty.