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Increase user acceptance by switching to Lightning Experience

Would you like to make your Salesforce instance a lot more user-friendly at a stroke? Do you want an advanced and intuitive CRM on all your devices? And would you like to make it a lot easier to develop new apps and functions? Then switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. We are here to help!

The Salesforce user interface is transparent, but is no longer able to accommodate the changing habits of mobile users. That is why Salesforce has created a completely new user interface: Lightning Experience. You can switch your Salesforce instance to Lightning Experience – without incurring additional licence costs – and immediately benefit from a new and intuitive user interface across all devices. PARX will help you do so, analyzing your current Salesforce instance and advising you on whether it makes sense for you to switch to Lightning Experience.

Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce

Lightning provides a modern, smart experience across all devices.

  • The optimized page views show you all the information you need at a glance. You need a lot fewer clicks.
  • The system proactively suggests useful activities and next steps (entering a phone call, e-mails, activities, appointments).
  • Improved identification and processing of duplicate leads, contacts and accounts.
  • Automation of standardized processes with the Lightning Process Builder using graphic visualizations.
  • Lightning Components can be used to more easily program apps for desktops or mobiles.
  • Almost 500 complete apps have already been developed on the AppExchange for Salesforce; this number is growing daily.

More relevant dashboards

Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce
Elegant dashboards at the click of a mouse will win over your management team.

Designed to close opportunities more quickly

Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce
The Kanban view shows the status of the opportunity throughout the purchasing cycle. Opportunities can be dragged-and-dropped from one phase to another.

Increase your user acceptance with Lightning Experience – now!

Many new functions which will in future appear with the new releases are only available in Lightning. Lightning already offers more functions than Classic. In Lightning, for example, there is a digital assistant for your sales staff. It alerts you to opportunities which are near to their closing date, but which are no longer followed up on. As such, Lightning Experience not only has a new interface, but also acts as a catalyst for your sales productivity.

Would you like to see what your Salesforce instance would look like with Lightning Experience? Then get in touch. We offer a fixed-price service, which will help you reach your goal quickly and reliably.


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