PARX: Salesforce Health Check

PARX Salesforce Health Check

The aim is to establish the degree of maturity of the current use of Salesforce in the fields of sales, service, marketing and operations (actual status). We work with you to identify short, medium and long-term areas of action and requirements with regard to the use of Salesforce as a platform for digital process transformation (target status).

  • Analysis of the current Salesforce instance from the perspective of best practice business processes and the state-of-the-art technology currently available.
  • Preparation of the workshop
  • Running the workshop
  • Follow-up work for the workshop
  • Presentation of the results, prioritisation of the areas of action identified and a high-level roadmap for how to proceed
  • Provision and exchange of examples of best practice for relevant processes
  • Documentation of the high-level roadmap


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