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High-performance document generation directly out of Salesforce thanks to PARX DynaDoc

Are you looking for a user-friendly tool that makes working with Salesforce even easier? Would you like to export your output as a .docx or .pdf and produce corporate-design-compliant quotations, presentations or reports at the click of a mouse? And would you like to query more complex data structures? This is where PARX DynaDoc comes in.

People spend large amounts of time collecting data and producing content, as well as on producing the final documents themselves. You can quickly find yourself spending hours formatting your output files. The entire document production process often takes up a huge amount of time, with errors and inconsistencies in corporate design easily creeping in.

With PARX DynaDoc, we are offering you a high-performance API with an attractive pricing model, which can be rolled out quickly and easily and is intuitive to use. You can easily produce your documents and presentations using data from all Salesforce entities on an automated basis.

PARX DynaDoc is a Heroku-based function that is used to generate Salesforce files in standard formats (e.g. docx, pdf) and query more complex data structures. Produce complex documents, presentations and reports directly in Salesforce. With just a click of the mouse, prepare quotations and plans from objects and lists. PARX DynaDoc is already successfully used at a wide variety of renowned companies.

Why choose DynaDoc? Features at a glance:

  • Data export in Salesforce and creation of documents in MS Word (.docx), MS PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF formats
  • Querying of complex structures
  • High level of efficiency thanks to rapid performance and excellent flexibility
  • Extremely user-friendly thanks to intuitive user experience
  • Simple and attractive licensing model
  • Straightforward configuration in Salesforce
  • High-performance document production with dynamic images and tables
  • Automatic document upload directly into the Salesforce instance
  • Output files renamed directly in Salesforce
  • Determination of filter criteria, for example to only display certain templates
  • Authentication process via Salesforce Session ID or oAuth
  • Formatting of data such as figures, dates and times in accordance with user localization
  • Conditional output using «if», «then», «else» constructs
  • Compatible with Salesforce Lightning

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