PARX: Code Scanning

Efficient mass processing with Salesforce and code scanning

Wherever massive amounts of documents or products are in circulation whose status must be registered later again, the code scanning function can help to make processes more efficient in combination with Salesforce. Examples are cataloguing, issuance of individual discount coupons, document handling, product packaging, time logging or admission management during events.

The PARX code scanning module creates individual bar or QR codes in Salesforce which can be read with an external scanner in order to update the related status values.

Creating and scanning bar and QR codes in Salesforce

Using the PARX code scanning module, you can create an individual code for a single or multiple Salesforce entries using the Ā«Generate CodeĀ» function. This code will be displayed on the corresponding data set. It can be printed onto documents or sent via e-mail. During later processing, the code is scanned with an external scanner and the status of the data set is updated in Salesforce. During this step, it is also checked whether the code has already been used or whether it is invalid. The results can be evaluated in real-time.

Individually adaptable and yet implemented quickly for you

The PARX code scanning module has a multitude of applications. It can help organise dossiers of applicants, publish personal discount coupons, make inventory management more efficient, manage product packaging or improve document management. The module can be easily adapted to your requirements and be used for further scopes of application.

The PARX code scanning module is one of our standard products which can be implemented in a short time and with very little effort into an existing Salesforce environment. You are free to use external code scanners which you may already be using. Otherwise, we will gladly recommend some external, cost-effective hardware. Your performance is vastly increased thanks to the code scanning integration in Salesforce, helping you to quickly achieve a return on your investment. Contact us and we will increase your efficiency.


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