PARX: Admission control

Efficient admission control for events using QR codes and Salesforce

Marketing managers spend a lot of time organizing trade fairs and events. Customers and potential customers are invited to events and often, there is an admission control process on site. In addition, it is tracked who actually participated in the event and subsequently the results are evaluated. This process becomes extremely efficient by using QR codes and Salesforce.

The PARX QR code module automatically creates individual QR codes for campaign members. These codes can be read with an external QR scanner, which updates their member status.

Generating and scanning QR codes in Salesforce

The event managers add the invited people to a campaign in Salesforce. Use the function «Generate QR code» to create an individual QR code for each member of the campaign (or only for those selected) and display it for each member. This QR code will be printed onto the invitation or sent via e-mail.

The invited person brings this invitation as a print-out or on his/her mobile phone to the trade fair or event. The event staff can now start registering using the «QR Code Mass Registration» function. S/he will scan invitations of the participants with an external QR code scanner which is connected to a notebook. The name of the participant is shown on the laptop and it is signalled via a colour code whether s/he is authorised or whether s/he has already entered the event. This way, the event team is able to quickly register and admit dozens to hundreds of participants. One click on the laptop transfers this information to Salesforce to update the campaign status. The results of the event can be evaluated on site and laborious post-processing is reduced to a minimum.

Application for products also possible

The PARX QR code module can be easily adapted to your requirements and be used for additional scopes of application. For example, codes can be generated for products, so that their production status can be updated when the QR code is scanned. The QR code can also be used for more efficient inventory, issuance of individual discount coupons or document handling. Find out more.

The PARX QR code module is our standard product which can be implemented in a short time and with very little effort into an existing Salesforce entity. You are free to use external code scanners which you may already be using. Otherwise, we will gladly recommend some external, cost-effective hardware. Contact us and we will increase the efficiency of your event team.


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