PARX: Quotations / CPQ

Pricing and quotations without media discontinuity in Salesforce

Is pricing a complicated process in your company? Are there various versions or possible configurations for your product? Do you draw up quotations on the basis of Excel tables? Do you have different discounts or different price lists for each customer group? Or do the prices of your products simply change frequently? Then it would be worth your while talking to us about pricing in Salesforce.

Pricing and drawing up quotations takes a great deal of time in many companies with a lot of products or solutions that can be configured in many different ways. Large companies therefore frequently opt for complex CPQ (configure, price, quote) solutions. Configuration, pricing and drawing up quotations is also complex for medium-sized companies, however, and requires an efficient solution. With the off-the-shelf CPQ solution from SteelBrick, we can organise pricing and drawing up of quotations for you without media discontinuity. We implement SteelBrick into your version of Salesforce, adapt the CPQ solution to your price structure and create templates so that you can generate offers in your corporate design at the press of a button.

Advantages of pricing directly in Salesforce

  • Create fast, accurate quotations
  • Eliminate errors in your quotations and contracts
  • Your opportunity pipeline is always up-to-date
  • Your productivity increases and you conclude more contracts
  • Your order volume increases with cross-selling and up-selling recommendations

CPQ delivered easily with SteelBrick

SteelBrick CPQ is a software package that can be used immediately and is easy to operate. It is simple to set up, pays for itself and is effective in supporting your successful sales growth. The configure-price-quote app from SteelBrick has been created to be 100% native in Salesforce. 100% native means that the application looks identical to Salesforce and works in exactly the same way, which means that no specialist knowledge is required. The CPQ app is managed in your company by a Salesforce administrator. Just as in Salesforce, reliability, scalability and security can be taken for granted with SteelBrick.

Pricing and quotations

Ensure consistent prices and discounts. Create customer-friendly quotations easily and accurately.

  • Use the standard Salesforce price lists
  • Calculation of the correct components – and only the correct components – for each quotation
  • Simple processing of volume discounts, subscription fees, pre-negotiated prices and partner-specific discounts.
  • Simple maintenance of discount levels

Quotations and contracts

Draw up professional quotations in your corporate design

  • Freely adaptable document templates so that your documents look exactly the way you want
  • Creation of dynamic documents that set out your business conditions
  • Preparation of suitable accompanying materials for each quotation
  • Completion of quotations in Word or PDF with a single click
  • Insertion of an electronic signature
  • Documents saved automatically in Salesforce. This makes tracking, documentation and checking of compliance with specifications possible

Product configurator

Configure products and services taking account of your business processes and product logic.

  • Configuration of products, solutions and packages
  • Use of the standard Salesforce product catalogues
  • Elimination of invalid or incorrect product options or packages
  • Update of the configurations possible at any time to reflect special offers or product changes

Would you like to organise your pricing more efficiently and create quotations with no errors? Get in touch with us.