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Project complete — how we guide you further!

Is your project completed and live? We secure your investment in Salesforce! Even during the configuration and development phase, we put together a support solution for the operational phase that matches your specific Salesforce configuration. This retains the specific expertise in your system. PARX is there to support you to make sure that your system runs smoothly. With PARX Managed Services, we offer a complete package to ensure that the investment in Salesforce develops in a structured and controlled way.

Why PARX Managed Services? Your benefits:

Our team of experts and certified Salesforce consultants and developers is at your service. So you have access to the right contacts & specialists for your enquiries and requests. Please contact us for more information.

Our individual Managed Services Package tailored to you:

Change Request (CR) Management

  • You require small changes (extensions & improvements) to existing functionalities. A dedicated case manager supervises your change request.

Support & Help to Self-Help

  • You need consulting on questions about Salesforce and your specific set-up. We support you with Help to Self-help.

Release Notes Service

  • Salesforce delivers 3 releases per year. It is PARX' pleasure to provide proactively individual consultation on useful new features regarding your specific Salesforce system configuration.

Additional Consulting Services

  • Customized staff training sessions
  • Support for daily business (e.g. user management, data import / data export, creating reports)
  • Service packages to regularly carry out unit tests und metadata backups
  • Consultation on Lightning Experience Migration
  • Analysis and improvement of data quality in your system
  • Individual services to cover additional requirements

PARX Support Community

  • You will receive user accounts for our PARX Support Community portal to manage your requests, called cases, for your company. Your case manager analyses your request and provides an effort estimation.
  • Your request will be handled by experienced and certified Salesforce consultants from our locations in Switzerland and Germany, with whom you can discuss your topics with in person, e.g. in a web session.
  • Work status, efforts and costs are always transparent for you.

Our Managed Services Team is at your service!

Do you have any questions or are you interested in our PARX Managed Services? We will advise you without obligation as to which offer best suits your needs.

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Our Managed Services team with certified consultants in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Lausanne and Grenoble will advise you without obligation. Please feel free to contact us.

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