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What do you do with customers who add something to their shopping basket, but then leave your website without placing an order? What do you do with people who may be interested in buying from you, but are not yet ready to make a purchase? Do you have an automated onboarding process for your new customers? Is your website also personalized for anonymous users? Does your sales team know which leads are hot? Do you treat all customers the same, whether they are new or recurring customers who buy your products regularly?

With Marketing Automation, you can be there for your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It allows you to generate relevant personalized content for them at each point of contact, thus providing them with an individual brand experience. Impress your customers with 1:1 e-mails or a personalized website, send them information based on the interactions you have had with them via a number of different communication channels. All of this helps you support them throughout the entire customer lifecycle – fully automated and easy to evaluate. Integrate data from your SEO and SEM campaigns and evaluate them on a centralized basis. With data-driven marketing, you will get to know your customers better, you can build up a lasting relationship with them, and you will be able to quickly respond to trends and markets.

PARX has a team of experts in the field of Marketing Automation with certified consultants in Zurich, Munich and Lausanne. Our team implements projects for you based on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Contact us and we will show you comparable projects in the B2C or B2B areas.

Customer Experience Life Cycle

Customer Experience Life Cycle

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – the solution for 1:1 customer journeys across all communication channels

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud combines all your data in real time, providing you with a pool of data that you can use to get to know and understand your customers better. You can then incorporate interactions via various channels or devices as well as information about the respective customers and their behavior. With the Marketing Cloud, you can send your customers individual messages throughout the entire purchase and also integrate the sales process. You can offer them relevant, personalized content – whether by e-mail, SMS or an app push notification. Automate the way you onboard new customers and how you add them to your VIP program, making them your brand ambassadors.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers tools for simple e-mail campaigns as well as functions for complex cross-channel marketing campaigns based on customer interactions. Place ads on Google Search, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, and carry out retargeting directly from the Marketing Cloud, without having to use a specialist agency.

Six reasons to choose the Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. 1:1 customer journeys – tailored e-mail campaigns (1:1 e-mails)
  2. Mobile messaging – personalized SMS messages
  3. Social media marketing – from social listening through to community management
  4. Data-driven marketing and predictive intelligence – get to know your customers better
  5. Closed-loop marketing – evaluate customer behavior and personalize communication
  6. Perfectly integrated into the Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM)

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Account-Based Marketing with Pardot – generating, qualifying and nurturing leads

Pardot not only helps you generate new leads, it ensures you don’t miss out on any information about them. Personalize your website for returning visitors, even if you do not yet know their e-mail address. Use e-mails to track and nurture your leads, right up to the point they are ready to buy your product. It enables you to provide interested customers with exactly the information they need to make a purchase decision throughout each phase of the process. Your sales team only receives qualified leads, meaning it can focus more on customers with potential and thus increase your conversion rate.

Create intelligent, data-based programs, which generate new leads and enable customers to take whichever path they may choose towards making a purchase. Visualize your programs and test the customer experience using A/B tests. Evaluate your campaign in real time and thus continually improve the ROI generated by your marketing activities. You can do all of this with a single piece of easy-to-use software, which can be integrated seamlessly into the Salesforce Sales Cloud, linking up your marketing and sales departments. Pardot is ideal for Account-Based Marketing and therefore B2B companies.

The six main functions of Pardot:

  1. Lead Generation – easily create landing pages and contact forms, SEM and SEO tracking
  2. Lead Qualification – sorts the wheat from the chaff, meaning your sales staff only receive qualified leads
  3. Lead Nurturing – accompanies leads until they are ready to buy
  4. Segmentation & Automation – automatically assigns leads to the right people
  5. Dynamic Content – use dynamic content to personalize your customer experience on your website and landing pages
  6. Sales Integration – work hand-in-hand with your sales team thanks to the seamless integration into Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud)

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PARX – your partner for Marketing Automation

We have been a Salesforce Partner for more than 15 years now and have implemented over 1,000 projects with this platform. We have a team of experts in the field of Marketing Automation with certified consultants in Zurich, Munich and Lausanne. Our team would welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice and implement projects for you based on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot, with or without the Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM). The Salesforce platform offers unparalleled opportunities for connecting your marketing, sales and customer service departments. Get in touch with us: we will show you comparable projects and evaluate your Marketing Automation project – free of charge and with no obligation.


We have a team of experts in the field of Market Automation with certified consultants in Zurich, Munich and Lausanne that implements projects for you based on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Contact us and we will show you comparable projects in the B2C or B2B areas.

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