PARX: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation –
PARX supports you with the implementation

Everyone is talking about it: the digital transformation What is behind the term? How urgent is it really for every company to rethink its business processes and initiate a change of course for the future? PARX has developed an effective transformation path with a practical approach, which offers you the necessary orientation for the implementation of this topic.

What is concretely behind the term?

The term digital transformation not only relates to innovations regarding the Internet it also describes the changes that all of society is experiencing through the application and use of digital technology.

The use of digital technologies is advancing further into more and more new areas - both in leisure time and at work. This results in many opportunities, but also challenges. In order to avoid running after the competition, it is important to clarify whether your own company is able to face up to future innovations.

This requires an analysis of your own business processes and the development of a digital competence. Part of this process is to identify and accept that innovative ideas can often not be managed with old processes and that traditional processes presumably need to be replaced.

How do you start with the implementation?

How do you start with the search for a digital business model for the future, how do you start on the path to digitisation? Where does the analysis start, how deeply do you need to go and which innovations need to be noted? Which tools can be used, which processes need to be adapted or newly defined for this - and can the company make the changes with its own resources?

At PARX, we have developed a Transformation Path , with which we can suggest a standardised, yet customised solution for you on the basis of Salesforce. Whether you now intend to use the full package, including consulting services, or to use PARX purely as an implementation partner - we can offer you a suitable approach.

The path towards a successful digital business model in three steps:

We have divided the complex topic into structured steps that build on one another and are directly implementable.

  1. Analysis to obtain an overall picture of the requirements and needs of the customer.
  2. Accurate decisions and tailored communication on the basis of the Customer Success Platform of Salesforce.
  3. Quick and efficiency-increasing translation of processes, configuration and implementation by PARX.

Contact us for a free information discussion for the digitisation of your business processes. We will brief you regarding the possible transformation processes.