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How service providers use Salesforce to gain transparency over the status of their budgets and revenues

Would you like to monitor your budget on a day-by-day basis and be able to produce informative charts about how your business is going with just the click of a mouse? Do you want to log your working time when you're on the move?

With Salesforce, digitalized processes are structured, transparent and easy to evaluate. This means that management is just a click away from information on their current and future revenues. Spend less time issuing invoices and controlling your budget, whilst boosting efficiency.

Salesforce allows a gradual digitalization of your processes, which leads to greater transparency over the state of your business including your sales pipeline, the services you are yet to invoice and your revenue forecast for the future. You can access all the information you require – ranging from your sales activities, to the services you provide, right through to invoicing – over a single platform. A wide range of services providers, specialised in information technology, energy, financial services and trade all rely on our expertise. All of our own processes have been digitalized using Salesforce and G-Suite allowing our staff to work from anywhere they like.

Digitalized processes with Salesforce along the whole customer journey

Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce

We have already digitalized the following functions for service providers on multiple occasions:

Marketing & sales

  • Distribution of newsletters, including click analysis
  • Segmentation of target groups for target group-specific initiatives (e.g. newsletter)
  • Analysis of customer feedback from social media for target group specific marketing campaigns
  • Central control and evaluation of digital marketing and multi-channel campaigns
  • Generation of quotes with service and price configuration
  • Sales management: More efficient field sales activities thanks to structured visit planning on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis

Account management

  • Management of customer data with 360⁰ customer view
  • Lead, account & opportunity management

Service provision & project controlling

  • Logging of working time, also from mobile end devices
  • Up to date budget information on a daily basis directly on the project
  • Project management: Planning and execution of projects
  • Resource planning: Overview of resource utilization and long-term utilization planning
  • Management of your services: Salesforce can replace your existing industry-specific solution

Customer service

  • Customer portal with ticketing system to ensure efficient and transparent processing of enquiries or complaints
  • Contract management: Overview of various service contracts directly on the customer master data, thus ensuring compliance with the contracts


  • Generation of invoices in line with your corporate design, which can be sent by email directly from the system.
  • Entering expenses and billing
  • Entry and analysis of vacation, absences and sick leaves
  • Account receivables management, with multi-stage reminder processes
  • Integration of SAP or other systems, e.g. payroll accounting

Management reporting

  • Pre-defined reports – the latest versions of which are always just a click away – provide management with transparency over the number of hours worked, billable income, billing volumes, the pipeline, budget planning and rolling forecasts

«We now have a solution that meets our needs 100%»

Meryll Moreau, Vice President of Marketing at GSX Solutions

«Salesforce is ideal as a platform for the agile digitalization of our business processes.»

Ben Prause, CEO at eprofessional

«PARX understood us very quickly and was able to grasp all of our requirements precisely. Migrating the huge volume of data from our old CRM into Salesforce presented the most significant challenge. PARX impressed us with its wide experience of completing data migrations.»

Meryll Moreau, Vice President of Marketing at GSX Solutions

Boost your efficiency and billable income with fully digitalized processes

Together with you we analyze your core business processes and map them to Salesforce. All data is written directly to the customer base, providing everyone involved with access to all relevant information. This creates efficient, clear procedures around the customer. As Salesforce is a cloud solution, the data is accessible anywhere – including on mobile end devices. This allows work processes to be organized much more efficiently. At the same time, management has access to detailed, fresh data for forecasts and important business decisions.

Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from selected service providers.


Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from the service industry. Find out how you can make your company more efficient and simultaneously increase customer retention.

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