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How manufacturing companies digitalize their processes with Salesforce CRM

Digitalization is not just a buzz word for us. We will digitalize your business processes and in doing so, make the customer the focal point. Using the Salesforce cloud solution, we have helped dozens of industrial companies to align their business with the customer and gain in efficiency. Companies in manufacturing industry such as Mikron, Sika, Teupen and Hüppe rely on our expertise. We create integrated, clear processes along the entire value creation chain: from marketing, via sales and product delivery, to customer service, ensuring better customer retention. Through more efficient processes, the capacity for further innovation is also released.

Digitalized processes with Salesforce throughout the entire customer life-cycle

Student Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce

Below is a selection of the processes that we have already succeeded in digitalizing for our customers:


  • Display of current product information and availability on the web thanks to e-shop integration
  • Central control and evaluation of digital marketing and multi-channel campaigns
  • Segmentation of target groups for measures specific to them (e.g. newsletter)
  • Distribution of newsletters including click analysis
  • Nurturing and qualification of leads to prepare for purchase
  • Integrated processes for transferring marketing qualified leads to sales


  • Sales management: More efficient field sales staff through structured visit planning and integrated reporting (including on the move)
  • Contact & account management: 360⁰ view of the customer, including order history, complaints and open invoices
  • Tailor-made application for mobile devices for field sales staff can be created quickly with Salesforce
  • Overview of available products and delivery times in real time
  • Transparency in the work of your sales team
  • Integration of ERP systems facilitates an integrated order process, from input into Salesforce through to release and invoicing in the ERP system
  • Error-free and efficient price calculation and quotations (CPQ) with no media discontinuities
  • Complex opportunity management with multiple phases that are transparent and clearly mappable, including activities and responsibilities

Product delivery & service performance

  • Efficient, integrated collaboration between field sales and the sales back office
  • Clear, integrated working processes and meaningful forecasts thanks to integration of ERP and other systems
  • Resource planning: transparent real-time insight into opportunities
  • Logistics: real-time view of delivery status
  • Connected products & the internet of things: Customer portals with device data can be created efficiently

Customer service

  • Complete view of customer data, including installed devices/machines, service status, service level agreements (SLAs), warranty periods, orders, etc.
  • Transparent, comprehensible processes for customer procedures such as enquiries or complaints
  • Field sales scheduling
  • Order tool for spare parts and consumables
  • Database with prepared answer templates for recurring customer enquiries

«The introduction of Salesforce was a crucial milestone on the road to growth for our company. In addition to selling our systems, we can offer our customers a comprehensive view of their air quality data in real time. The support of PARX was essential from conception to implementation.»

Beda Weibel, CEO of LK Luftqualität AG

Boost productivity and efficiency with integrated digitalized processes

We work with you to analyse your existing processes, define core processes and map them digitally with Salesforce. All data is written directly to the customer base, providing everyone involved with access to all relevant information. This creates efficient, clear procedures around the customer. As Salesforce is a cloud solution, the data is accessible anywhere – including on mobile end devices. Work processes can be organised much more efficiently. At the same time, management has access to detailed, up-to-date business data for forecasts and important business decisions.

Putting Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things into practice

In the age of Industry 4.0, not only do devices and products communicate intelligently with one another, but production logistics is also changing. The entire value creation chain, from logistics, through production, marketing and sales, to service, is being networked. Business processes are being automated to boost productivity and efficiency. We support companies in creating these automated end-to-end processes. In the form of customer portals, for example, in which users can check their operating data in real time. Read how we set up real-time monitoring for air cleaning systems installed throughout the world for ionair.

Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from the manufacturing industry.


Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from the manufacturing industry. Find out how you can make your company more efficient and simultaneously increase customer retention.

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