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How to transform leads into applications – Student Lifecycle Management with Salesforce

Imagine having all of the information about candidates, prospects, students, alumni, sponsors, partner institutions and teaching staff in one central location. You can use Salesforce to manage the entire cycle, from recruiting new students and the admissions process through to alumni status. And you can run all aspects of course administration from one central location. We have introduced Salesforce into more than 15 educational institutions and we are therefore the most experienced Salesforce partner for such institutions in Switzerland and Germany. Our customers include executive course providers, universities with an international reputation, private and public educational institutions.

Student Lifecycle Management with Salesforce

Student Lifecycle Management mit Salesforce


  • Marketing Automation: Marketing Managers can share with automated campaigns relevant content according to candidates profiles on different channels.
  • Campaign Management: Marketing Managers can run and evaluate all campaigns in Salesforce.
  • Marketing can publish content for the website through Salesforce.
  • Recruiters can distribute personalised information to potential students and consider information from social media.
  • Improvement of conversion rates: Schools improve its conversion rate by making shure that candidates are followed and beeing provided with the right information at the right time.

Admissions & enrolment

  • Admissions can map all their processes in Salesforce – from initial enquiries from prospective students to signing of the study contract.
  • Candidates can apply online and upload all essential documents, which go directly into Salesforce.
  • Admissions supports the candidate throughout the entire application process in Salesforce.
  • Admissions are supported by automated creation and distribution of information brochures, check lists, confirmations, applications and study contracts through Salesforce.
  • Automated nurturing campaigns ensure that accepted students will sign the study contract and therefor secure the retour on the time and money invested in your recruitment and admissions activities.

Booking & course registration

  • Course organizers can manage the courses and publish them to the web through Salesforce. This way only current courses can be viewed online.
  • The entire course booking and invoicing is done in Salesforce.
  • Enrolment officers can track if the student got his Visa, got a health insurance, assign a studio to him, reserve a parking lot, etc.


  • Students register online for further courses, which is automatically managed in Salesforce.
  • Course managers can evaluate the course registrations in real time and analyse over-subscribed and under-subscribed courses.
  • Teachers and mentors can manage all examination results in Salesforce for efficient analysis and as an early warning system for passing the course.
  • Teachers can generate transcripts in Salesforce.
  • Class attendance is captured by teachers in Salesforce.

Alumni relations / advancement

  • Alumni Officers manage the details of former students also in Salesforce and invite them to alumni meetings by mass mailshot.
  • Alumni Officers track the academic progress and professional development of the former students in Salesforce and analyze them with reports.

«We have never been as close to our prospective students and applicants as we are now with Salesforce.»

Evelyn Menke, Salesforce Project Manager at Fresenius University

All constituents of the student lifecycle in one central location

On the basis of the Salesforce system, we can manage the entire student lifecycle using the individual processes in your institution. Of course, we are also able to only migrate specific processes to Salesforce and adapt other departments gradually. Salesforce provides you with the opportunity to manage all constituents data over the entire student lifecycle in one central location. Since Salesforce is also a cloud solution, you can access the data from anywhere – including on mobile devices. The processes are digitalised and documented, the information is accessible to anyone with appropriate authorisation.

Find out which processes we have already digitalised for educational institutions in Salesforce.

Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from other educational institutions.


Contact us for a meeting without any obligation. We will show you best practice examples from other educational institutions. Make your institution fit for the future!

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