LK Luftqualität AG, a branch of the ionair Group, operates air-cleaning systems throughout the world. These systems communicate their data on current air quality in real time to a data centre, where it is evaluated and displayed using Salesforce. PARX set up the data centre and is also responsible for the configuration and introduction of Salesforce.

In nature, smells are neutralised by ionisation processes. ionair has simulated these processes to improve air quality indoors. You may already have enjoyed better indoor air quality as thanks to ionair systems. The systems are used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, event buildings and airports (Stuttgart and Zurich, for example).

After a change of generation in the company's management in 2012, the new CEO Beda Weibel was looking for a way to set up his business processes again from scratch, structure them and make it possible to analyse them. He decided to link all air cleaning systems through a data centre application with customer and partner data in Salesforce.

The CRM system was selected by means of a call for tenders, at the end of which the choice fell on the cloud-based, flexible and scalable CRM solution Salesforce. PARX was chosen as the implementation partner for this. The role of PARX was to use Salesforce to map the business processes, which until then had been handled without process specifications using programs such as Excel and Outlook, in order to create the necessary foundation for the implementation of the growth plans that had been drawn up.

Two phases – Salesforce implementation and data centre development

The introduction of Salesforce, the development of the data centre and linking them together took place in two phases. First, all aspects of customer management, including system and product management, were mapped in Salesforce. The contractual information for the internal air quality systems has also been linked through the CRM system and is therefore accessible and viewable at any time. Servicing records and other data relevant for analysis can be created automatically and sent to the relevant recipients. It was also desirable to use the partner and customer community of Salesforce to enable business partners and customers to access basic information in Salesforce. PARX implemented the processes required and was able to draw largely on the standard functions of the Sales Cloud.

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«The introduction of Salesforce is a crucial milestone on the road to growth for our company. The support of PARX was essential from conception to implementation.»

Beda Weibel,
CEO of LK Luftqualität AG

Connection of system data to Salesforce

Receiving and processing the raw data from the systems installed worldwide is handled by a data centre application on its own server. This data centre application was integrated seamlessly into the Salesforce Sales Cloud using the Salesforce-Canvas technology and the standard Salesforce REST.API. The processed evaluations and graphics for the air quality in the areas being monitored is available to both the staff and the customers and partners of ionair.

During delivery of the challenging projects and as a Salesforce Partner from the beginning, PARX was able to draw both on its many years of Salesforce project experience and on its roots as a provider of web solutions. This allowed ionair to procure both projects from one source, which brought huge advantages in terms of communication and coordination.

Time-saving, better service, reliable evaluation and better planning

The advantages of introducing Salesforce through PARX were soon evident. «The introduction of Salesforce is a crucial milestone on the road to growth for our company. In addition to selling our systems, we can offer our customers a comprehensive view of their air quality data in real time», says Beda Weibel, CEO of LK Luftqualität AG, and he continues: «The support of PARX was essential from conception to implementation.»

Along with an automated and therefore faster scheduling system in Salesforce, service staff can now carry out remote diagnosis using the information from the data centre in many cases and save time and money travelling to the customer.

Customer and contract information is available to the sales department at all times, including, for example, during phone calls with partners or customers. This saves on time-consuming searches through documents. The management is able to maintain an overview of the systems and accounts and to evaluate the order situation. And this is even possible mobile with the Salesforce1 app.

Further development of the Salesforce1 app

In the near future, the plan is also to handle billing through the CRM and to adapt the mobile functions in such a way that service staff can enter their information and service records while they are with the customer.